7th of Dec. (07 Déc.)

  • Előadó: Zazie (Isabelle Marie Anne de Truchis de Varennes)
  • Dal: 07 Déc.
  • Fordítások: Angol #1, #2, Finn

07 Déc.


Les etoiles ont filé
Je fais le voeu qu'on serait
Heureux puisqu'on ne l'est pas
En verité

Des lors que je dors en revanche
Je m'arrange
Je fais de nous des anges
Où l'on s'aime
Où personne ne nous derange

Et je ferme les yeux sur le monde
Tu epouses mes ombres
L'espace d'une seconde
Nos reves se confondent

And I...
And I love you
Je me fous de ce qu'on en dit
Je reve donc je suis

A voir les hommes se defiler
Comme les voeux sans se realiser
Le coeur nous manque et nous pese
A en crever
Alors j'attends que tombe la nuit
Dans le noir
Le desespoir est permis
Je te suis fidele à l'infini
Ca me suffit

And I...
And I love you
Je sais bien ce que tu en dis
You don't love me
You don't love me

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Angol translation

7th of Dec.

Versions: #1#2

The stars were spinning.
I made a vow that we would be
Happy, though it isn't

While I'm sleeping, on the other hand,
I sort myself out,
I make angels out of us.
Where we love each other,
Where nobody can bother us.

And I close my eyes to the world,
You take on my shadows,
In the space of a second,
Our dreams are merged

And I...*
And I love you*
I don't give a damn what they say.
I dream, therefore I am.

To see men copping out,
Like vows that aren't fulfilled
We're missing a heart and it's weighing us down
To bursting
Yet I wait for night to fall,
In the dark
The despair is allowed.
I'm infinitely faithful to you
That's enough for me

And I...*
And I love you*
I know very well what you say,
You don't love me*
You don't love me*

Kűldve: quis89 Péntek, 11/03/2011 - 02:37
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*These lines are already in English in the song

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Really good translation! Some sentences, while technically correct, are just a bit awkward, but that's the biggest problem when translating lyrics (and poetry)