عادى لو فى يوم حنيت حتلاقينى نسيت قلبى ده هيصفالك

عادى زعلى هقوى عليه حتى كلمه ليه عمرى مهأولهالك

تعالى وقلى بس اشتقتلى يا حبيبى ده انا وحشتنى نادينى قبلك قولتها

معاك لو حتى طال بعدك سنه منساش هواك ولا حبنا معقول فى بالك كل ده

خايف ولا ايه مكسوف ولا هيا ظروف نفسى اعرف مالك

راحت قد ايه ايام عينى ولا بتنام وانت ولا على بالك

غايب بس مهما تغيب بردو منى قريب قلبى ليك على حاله

عينى لو بعيد شايفاك روحى لسه معاك غيبت عنى وماله

فى حضنى تعالى قرب ضمنى هو انت مش بتحبنى واكيد وحشتك مش كده

زعلانه خلاص تعالى نعيش بقى هنموت لحظه لقى ده حتى يبقى حرام كده

Try to align


It's normal if a day you ,if you felt bad, I will forgive you

It's normal I will get over my sadness, even I wont ask you why

Come and tell me that you miss me, my love I miss you, I told you it before

Even if you left me for a year, I wont forget our love, are you thinking about that

Are you afraid or what, are you embarrassed or is there a situation, I wish to know whats wrong with you

So many days have gone by while I can't sleep, and you don't even care

No matter how long your absent you will be always close to, my heart didnt change

My eyes sees you even if your away, my soul is still with you, you left but its okay

Come closer to hug me, don't you love me, and I am sure you've missed me

Stop being upset, come lets live we will die just to meet, this is unfair.

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amazing song