I liked her



انا مش عايز واحدة اضيع وقتي معاها
اللي عايزها حبيبة لاسيبها ولا تسيبني
عجبتني وشوفت ان عجبها
عيني في عينها وماتكلمناش
فكرت اروح واكلمها ولا اسيبها
انا قولت بلاش
انا قولت اسيبها بظروفها لو لينا نصيب
هقابلها تاني ويا اعرفها ويا معرفهاش
ماهي مش اول واحدة اقابلها
واشوفها بتعجبني
المشكلة مش فية في قلبي
ياريتة بيجبني
بعد يومين شوفتها حسيت احساس ماهوش عادي
حاجة بتقولي بلاش الفرصة تضيع المرة دي
وتكلمنا بس ياريت ماتكلمنا
طلعت مش زي مابتمني جواها فاضي

Ana mosh 3ayz wa7da ady3 wa2ty m3aha
elly 3ayzha habiba la asebha wala tsebny ahaaa
3gbtny we shoft eny 3agbha 3eny fe 3enha mtklmnash
3eny fe 3enha mtklmnash
fakrt aroo7 we aklmha wala asebha
ana 2olt balash

ana 2olt asebha be zroofha law leena naseeb
ha2blha tany we ya a3rfha ya m3rfhash
mahe mosh awel wa7da a2blhaa
we ashofha bet3gbny
el moshkela mosh feya fe 2lby
yareeto beygbne

b3d youmeen shoftha 7aset e7sas mahosh 3adi
7aga bet2oly balash el forsa tedee3 el mara de
w tkalemna bas yaret matkalemna
tl3t mosh zay mabtmna gwaha fady ahaa

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I liked her

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i dont want someone to waste my time with
who i want is a lover, i dont leave her neither she leaves me
i liked her and saw that she liked me
looking at each other but we haven't spoken
i taught about going anf talking to her or leaving her
i said no

I said i'll leave it to the destiny, if there is fate between us
then i'll meet her again ,and either i get to know her or i don't
becuase she's not the first one i meet
and see that i like her
the problem is not in me,it's in my heart
i wish it can bring me

after seeing her for two days i felt abnormally
something telling me "don't you let go this chance this time"
and we talked and i wish we haven't
she turned out to be not what i wished for,she's empty in the inside

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