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That's ten years that I've been spoken to about it
That my charm comes from it
And that I'm very nice anyway
I'm not done hearing it
That with numbers and letters
More, I'd be so beautiful, sexual

Close to the skin, they're so good
An instant reaction
At the slightest human contact
I feel them pointing their nose

Bye bye
Small and cute
For boys and girls
Sensitive passion
Ooh, ooh
I am my reason
Out of the question
I keep my emotion / my senses

Pamela never gave me self-confidence in that aspect
Fortunately, Jane Birkin has much more class than that

Botox, hormones and misinformation
I'd be an icon, but without silicone
Fancy, ok, but not fake
Yes, being real makes me hot

Kűldve: balancesplash Csütörtök, 31/05/2012 - 20:15
Szerző észrevételei:

My guess is that the song is about the singer's breasts, so I'm pretty sure the title is a bra size. For anyone in the US who doesn't know the metric system, the equivalent would be 34A, I believe.

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