Aleshka [ Aleshka (Алёшка) ]

Angol translation


"You presented me
one hundred bill
on that russian army holiday day
i was very happy
i'm the soldier of our love now
you told me you dont care
that i'm poor
it doesnt matter
because I have aleshka
i'm happy to cover you in flowers
my rich Sofia
we have a rolls-royce ride
and a bath of champagne
because me and my friend "aleshka"
we was all in our service
but our dad...
he told that we are not pair
and our relations dropped
me and my aleshka.. we are down
spring is coming
springs are running
everybody wants to love
my door bell rings
she stands outside
so we have a job
me and my aleshka
ooh sofie child of banker
clubs, pubs and cars
ooh sofie crazy costly wines
martini, tequila
ooh sofie
you are mad from me
becouse I have aleshka
Kűldve: la Csütörtök, 09/10/2008 - 21:00

Aleshka (Алёшка)

Ты подарила мне
На 23 "Ф"
Зеленую купюру с дядькой волосатым.
От счастья пьян я был -
Я так тебя любил,
Я верным стал твоим солдатом.