Dieci cento mille

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Dieci cento mille

What was I expecting I don't know

This world is strange I dream

a little bit more

I think all night at home I don't know

I'm trying to wake up (but) I don't want to

I dream only fantastic poetry

In a crazy world and full of lies

I live intensively every small crazy thing

I see only people that cannot do magic

Chorus 2X

Ten one-hundred one-million hands are raised

then they move howmany they are I don't know

The protagonists today are only us

Live as you like and never stop

Where are we going that's something we don't know

I run away from the borders of banality

ten one-hundred one-million there is a little bit more to go

I am close to the sun I don't have problems

I live my moment in between many if

I'm asking myself if destiny has already decided for me

Now I'm awake and I can tell apart reality

The world I wanted I already live it

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Dieci cento mille

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