I will take you with me tonight (Do të marr me vetën sonte)

Angol translation

I will take you with me tonight

you are lonely
but now i will come to get you
i can't be without you any longer
i want to be with you today
because i long for you/miss you very much
i will take you with me tonight
because i am alone here
i will take you so you can be by my side
because i long for you
the hands on the clock, keep on turning
they chase eachother around
sometimes they are further apart, at other times closer together
as this, a second
passes so quickly it is not understood
however for myself there is no more sadness, time has stopped
because for me it feels as if you are still here
and i act druken, i lose myself in your eyes
you speak to me, about your feelings, but i am quiet
you cry tears, but i begin to laugh
love my heart, if it trembles slowely
wisper my name, and tell me a few words ( lit. "tell me two words" i think the two words it is implying are "te dua" = "i love you")
and i appear astonished, and he will never understand
but i know, that without you, i cannot live those words
nje cast pa ty do me dukeshe se nje jet
kur tani qe ke shkuar ke ikur prej gjiti
tani edhe nje sekond ati me duket pergjithesi
that is why i will remember you
so i can forget time
and i have many fears
what kind of fears
to wake up without you
no my love
for everything that has changed
from the day you have left
even though i still breathe
my heart has really stopped
because i cannot find anything to console me
where as time is heartless, it's clockhands turn
where are you
take me
because i long for you very much
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Do të marr me vetën sonte

Ti je e vetmuar
por tani do te vi te te mar
S'mund te rri me pa ty
sot dua te jemi bashk
se kam shum mall
do te marr me vehte sonte
se i vetem ketu jam


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