We’re getting lost [ Hanomaste (Χανόμαστε) ]

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We’re getting lost

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Hell and paradise
is this relation
no one from the two of us
can escape (alternative: *won’t be able to escape*)
Tonight tears dropped from the eyes
I saw sou again and i became a fire
your marks exist everywhere
you *broke me into pieces* with one look
It is a mistake and you know it
*we to get lost*
i suffer and you suffer *too*
kiss me,don't be late
we are lost,we are lost (alternative: *we’re getting lost*
*we pretend to everybody*
we are lost,we are lost
*and all the time we meet each other secretly*
σ' όλους υποκρινόμαστε
άλλο μην το σκεφτόμαστε
My love,i don't want *us* to be two strangers
I don't want *you to hurt* my heart
the one for the other we are molded
as blood in my veins you run
i've made and you've made
so many mistakes *in row*
don't speak now it is enough
come and hug me
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Hanomaste (Χανόμαστε)

Κόλαση και παράδεισος
είναι αυτή η σχέση
κανένας απ' τους δυο μας
να ξεφύγει δε θα μπορέσει
Απόψε δάκρυα κυλήσαν απ' τα μάτια
σε είδα πάλι κι έγινα φωτιά
παντού υπάρχουν τα δικά σου τα σημάδια