Mirror's celebration (Jashne ayne)

Angol translation

Mirror's celebration

carry me to the star with (only) a kiss
stay a minute and gaze at me again
there is a lots of hopes as much as a world in your beautiful eyes
carry me to morning with (only) a kiss
you've been that one who surrendered love to my heart
(you've been that one) who carried me to the night and mirror's celebration
if you would be (here), the world is always pretty
even flying becomes easy for me
carry me to the star with (only) a kiss
call me under rain one night again
let me get life from the hotness of your breaths
make a sunrise with the fire of your hands
your hair smell has stayed still in tthe home
your gaze has carried me to the clouds
you are twin of light, a holy light
surrendering heart to you, how much it is easy and pretty
help me to make a song by love
(help me) to surrender my heart to you for more thousands times
forget your sorrow
tell me my nice one, are you asleep or awake?
Kűldve: Vanda Csütörtök, 11/12/2008 - 15:40

Jashne ayne

mano ba ye boose bebar ta setare
bemoon va ye lahze negam kon dobare
to cheshmaye nazet ye donya omide
mano ba ye boose bebar ta setare
to boodi ke eshgho be ghalbam sepordi
mano ta be jashne shabo ayne bordi
to ke bashi donya ghashange hamishe