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Run the show

[Don Omar]
miss kat deluna presenting herself
for the entire recording

i bring a rhythm of a pure breed
my style calls you, enchants you
representing all the latinos
scream it really hard, hard with me

Don't Stop Now
that i'm going up
notice my support, i steal the show
everyone from my taino town love me
it makes your hands go up with me

you want this don't front what's what's what's up
speak up which thing is it?
come here let's get closer and closer

Aqui Estoy
Mi Canto Te Traigo Hoy
Arrancate Ya Let's Go
los dos A Correr El Show

Aqui Estoy
Mi Canto Te Traigo Hoy
Vamos Pa' Ya Let's Go
El Latino Se Roba El Show

Dame Salsa, Merengue O Bachata
Baila Quiquella Con Ese Tumbao
A Puerto Rico Le Gusta El Guayao
En Todo El Mundo 'ta Mo bien Pegao

Don't Stop Now Hasta Que Salga El Slow
La Sangre Hispana Es Fuerza y Pasion
Siente Orgullo Y Oye Mi Canto

Speak Up Cual Es La Cosa


[Don Omar]
let how you feel
how the music feels you
let the rhythm dominate you

Are You Ready-Ready-Ready-Ready-Ready-Ready

Are You Ready-Ready-Ready-Ready-Ready-Ready
Are You Ready-Ready-Ready-Ready-Ready-Ready

[Chorus X2]

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