Mas al Norte de Recuerdo

Angol translation

Mas al Norte de Recuerdo

It was only the dusk ritual
the wandering shadow of the Bamboo
and the dust on the road within the skin...
That was all I saw, what went away.

Paso Tempisque, Arado, the station
of night falling on Nambi
and the voice that I hear is another voice
(and where I was born is transformed).

Over by the acacia tree
dreams are fading away.
Far away and never,
it seems that we will get there.
Guanacaste is no longer here.
The wind has stopped singing it to me.
The thing is I must look
farther north than the memory.

The diana that awoke on that day
the old wh***s at the terminal,
years later your eyes, your color...
A story that I never could tell.

And I saw the arid pampas tremble,
I heard the harsh quijongo (bow) and the ashes
perspiring moonshine, stupid and brutal
in that province that was mine

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Mas al Norte de Recuerdo