Don't come back again [ Mi Gyriseis Ksana (Μη γυρίσεις ξανά) ]

Angol translation

Don't come back again

Your words are carved marks
That time denied to heal
And if I was nothing for you
Unfortunately, you were everything for me
I burn your letters and weep
I hit the wall with my hands
You turned the white of my heart into gray
And I'm ashamed for still loving you
Don't come back again
the heart doesn't forget
and your wound isn't healed yet
I loved you very much
but so you know, crazy woman
for me you are now an unknown body
sincerely speaking, don't come back again
Alone, and forgotten by my friends
I'm looking for my lost self
With you I'd always been the loser
like that was meant to be
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Mi Gyriseis Ksana (Μη γυρίσεις ξανά)

Τα λόγια σου σημάδια χαραγμένα
που αρνήθηκε να σβήσει ο καιρός
κι αν τίποτα δεν ήμουνα για σένα
για μένα ήσουν τα πάντα δυστυχώς
Τα γράμματά σου καίω και δακρύζω
τον τοίχο με τα χέρια μου χτυπώ
το άσπρο της καρδιάς έκανες γκρίζο


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