One Life (Një jetë)

Angol translation

One Life

it isn't so simple either
to be still around the world
it is not easy at all
to get away from the shadows
in this cold city
my longing for you keeps me warm
a whole world separates us
i feel your breathe beside me and i suffer
when did we leave ourselves
in the hands of insanity
in a never ending maze
where you and I got lost
we have
one life, one life
we cannot hide so easily
one life, one life
you are no longer in my time
it kills me, it kills me
why can't we escape and forget
one life, one life
we live this life in silence to our self ( i think it means like instead of giving their life to each other they give their life to silence --as in not speaking/being with one another)
like a soft sound
this night passes(lit. melts) also
although it is cold outside
the others kiss for long
nothing took an end
cause the morning will return
this long wait
finished through the night
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Një jetë

Nuk është dhe kaq e thjeshtë
Të endesh nëpër botë (not quite sure what endesh means here)
Nuk është aspak e lehtë
Nga hijet të shpëtojsh


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