Eyes filled with sorrow (Oci pune tuge)

Angol translation

Eyes filled with sorrow

Everything is still remind me on you
sorrow easily seduces me
in rhe darkness of the room
far from peace and dreams
My memories are still hurting
and it's getting worse and worse
we didn't predict
how will the end hurt
Eyes filled with sorrow
you know I don't want some other
heart filled with cold
I call your name
be near me,love me
love me
Eyes filled with sorrow
heart filled with cold
be near me
love me,love me
I want you more than everything
I want you,but my pride is not letting me
to hell with the pride
when only you are the love
I call you the same moment
untill we became shadows
please answer
come to me,get back to me
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Oci pune tuge

Sve me jos seca na tebe
lako me tuga zavede
u tami sobe
daleko od mira i sna
I jos me secanja bole
i sve je gore i gore
nismo ni slutili


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