Free (Slobodna)

Angol translation


Grief has compressed me like a weight
Does that also count in sickness
And outside it smells like snow
It smells like your kisses
Why would my days be happy
Because of me they invented grief
You're leaving, I'm staying
You say there is no more passion
You took my heart away with her (don't worry)
Don't worry, a new one will outgrow
You say we look a lot alike
Yeah, you've just helped me, my love...
At last I'm a free bird
With a cage in my soul
When you're in need of a free bird
Just remind yourself about this
"That noone will love you like I do"
I need a flight
I need a fall
Just so I can feel that I'm alive
I don't blame you, I don't blame her
She's hardly the one to blame
Because I'm just an obligation
And you are escaping from this cage
Kűldve: MayGoLoco Hétfő, 29/12/2008 - 09:07


Pritisla me tuga k'o teg,
da l' se i to u bolest broji
a napolju miriše sneg,
miriše k'o poljubci tvoji,
što bi mi dani srećni bili
zbog mene su tugu izmislili,
Ti odlaziš, ja ostajem


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