If You Leave (Ako odeš ti)

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If You Leave

Believe me,
I don't know what am I to do if I lose you
My whole world would come to a stop
If I were to wake up alone
You'll see everything on my face,
I belong to you only,
You have to love me.
You're holding me like a drop on your palm
Even if there's a better man out there
I know that I would love you
Every time like it's the first time
And let it last, forever...
If you leave
One more life is leaving with you
because I won't even
Have friends in others
Don't let me feel fear,
Just embrace me now
And let it be like it is
The last time.
I came into your life like wind
There is something on your face
It's like I've known you since always
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Ako odeš ti

Vjeruj mi,
Ja ne znam što bih da te izgubim
Moj cijeli svijet bi stao
Da se sama probudim
Tu na mome licu sve ćeš vidjeti,
Samo tebi pripadam,


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