If You Leave (Ako odeš ti)

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If You Leave

Believe me,
I don't know what am I to do if I lose you
My whole world would come to a stop
If I were to wake up alone
You'll see everything on my face,
I belong to you only,
You have to love me.
You're holding me like a drop on your palm
Even if there's a better man out there
I know that I would love you
Every time like it's the first time
And let it last, forever...
If you leave
One more life is leaving with you
because I won't even
Have friends in others
Don't let me feel fear,
Just embrace me now
And let it be like it is
The last time.
I came into your life like wind
There is something on your face
It's like I've known you since always
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Ako odeš ti

Vjeruj mi,
Ja ne znam što bih da te izgubim
Moj cijeli svijet bi stao
Da se sama probudim


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