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A soldier returns to his home
and a sick child recovers
and there is no work today in the rain forest...
the helpless one is saved because of
a good action and
today nobody repudiates him hallelujah

An atheist succedes to believe
and a hungry one today has to eate
and today some donated a fortune to a church

Wish the war soon is coming to end
wish the peace rooles the world
and wish nomore of any misery hallelujah

Because the love is born from love
and is not governed by corruption
but by the good and the best of a pure soul

Because god protects us from an evil end
'cause one day he could teach us a lesson
how he finish with so many fury hallelujah

Some place someone is born today
and one dream today is conceded
and the eclipse of the moon is already over

For this prayer becomes real
and everything becomes hapiness
and the madness ends hallelujah

To a hero that nobody knew
who gave and never recived
to all our mothers with their tenderness
to the one who gives a hand without looking at whom and
the one who only lives for doing good
without any rewards hallelujah

Kűldve: Meri Niko Szombat, 18/02/2012 - 13:53
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Porque la norma sea el amor...- porque el amor nace al amor (correction original text)
You have the translation en serbian at that link (in description) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YikpXvLm1I

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