My love (Amore mio)

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My love

You cheated on everybody, but not on me
I'm getting sick and tired of you
I'm reading your soul like a book
your secrets don't exist for me
And it would be in vain
to look for someone who can make us up
because her traces are still there on your body
Damn you, my love!
There is a shipwreck in my heart
My love, you couldn't
cheat on me with her
Damn you, my love!
You broke me like a glass
My love, you were with her
and killed our love
You can have everything, but you can't have me
I'm tired of your infidelity
Pack your lies and get lost
There is only solitude left for me
Kűldve: zhabba Péntek, 26/08/2011 - 18:36
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"Amore mio" means "my love" in Italian. Croatian for "my love" is "moja ljubavi".

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Amore mio

Ti varao si sve, ali mene ne
muka mi od tebe već postaje
kao knjigu duše ja čitam te
za mene tvoje tajne ne postoje
I uzaludno bilo bi tražiti
nekoga da nas dvoje pomiri
još su na tvome tijelu njeni tragovi


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