draw me close to you (arrabni lik)


arrabni lik

الوقت ليه بفوت بسرعة وأنا جمبك كان نفسي أقولك ألف مئة مليون بحبك

خلتني أحس ان اللي فات من عمري ممكن أعوضه خلتني أشوف أيامي أحلى ما أقولش أيام وانقضه

مابقتش خايف من اللي جاي مدام وياك مابقتش عايز أعيش حياتي إلا معاك

قربني ليك د أنا بين يديك أحزاني عني بيبعدوا

كان كل يوم بيعدي وانت بعيد سنين ما أعرفش بعدك ياحبيبي حعيش لمين
أتمنى ايه وأنا بين ايديك كل الأماني ملكتها قرب كمان خدني لعينيك وديني لدنيا بحبها

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Angol translation

draw me close to you

Hany Shaker - Draw Me Close to You

Why does time pass so fast
When you are beside me?
I was telling you one thousand hundred million I love yous

You made me feel like I could compensate for all that has passed in my life
You made me see my days as more beautiful
I don't say days and revoke them

I do not fear that which is come as long as I am with you
I don't want to live my life unless it's with you

Draw me close to you
I am in your hands
My sadness is leaving me

Days were passing as years while you were far
I don't know after you, my darling, who I will live for?

What do I hope for when I am in your hands?
You own all my hopes
Come close as well
Take me to your to put me in a world that I love

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