Brazilian scales in minor No.5 Aria (Chant) [ Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 Aria (Cantilena) ]

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Brazilian scales in minor No.5 Aria (Chant)

Eventide, a rosy cloud, slow and transparent
over the spot, dreamlike and beautiful!
The moon gently appearing beyond the horizon,
embellishing the eventide, like a sweet maid
preparing herself till she's dreamily gorgeous,
with her soul avid to become beautiful
yelling to heaven and earth, to all of Nature!
Silent are the birds to her sad laments
and reflected on the sea all of Her richness...
Soft the light of the moon awakes already
a fierce desire that laughs and cries.
Eventide, a rosy cloud, slow and transparent
over the spot, dreamlike and beautiful!

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Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 Aria (Cantilena)

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Valeriu Raut     augusztus 31st, 2014

Amel Brahim-Djelloul sings much better this aria.

Knee427     augusztus 31st, 2014

Hey, evfokas. Thanks for this translation, it's really great!

May I only correct one little thing? 'Brasileiras' translates to 'Brazilian' in English -it's with Z and not with S-.

evfokas     szeptember 1st, 2014

Obrigado Juan por teu voto encorajando sou um noviço em português mas espanhol realmente ajuda

Knee427     szeptember 1st, 2014

Não há de que! O seu Português está muito bom, você traduziu algumas partes difíceis do texto muito bem!


evfokas     szeptember 2nd, 2014

Obrigado, queria que fosse verdade mas vivo e aprendo