Beautiful as it is (Bellissimo così)

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Beautiful as it is

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I start again
and i atone for my sins
I have faith in myself
without self-delusion
I have a principle I'm going to stand for
and I stake everything on us
It's beautiful like this
and it's better late than never
listen to me

I could be
the chance you've been waiting for your whole life
and i
will be more than that
i'll be the certainty you've asked for

since when you started wanting me
I stake everything on us
surprise me

Leave you're past behind as it is
and give the best
of your present to me
destroy the words of those who don't love you and say "yes" to you
it's not enough
and let me look at you a little longer
like a flash of light
you glitter at every side
and it's beautiful

Come to me the way you are
come to me immediately
and never turn around
you've got all that's needed
you're hiding it from my eyes
but it's worth more

you're perfect teh way you are
with your shiny teeth
i go back to the start from which
listen to me

leave your past as it is
together with me you'll bring it
to your present
half of life is a lot
for someone who loves you and says "yes" to you
and does it forever

let me look at you a bit longer
without modesty
you provoke a reaction in me
it's beautiful as it is

you know you can see right through me
when i talk about us
almost obscene
i sing under my nose
but inside me there is a sound
so irresistible

let me watch you a bit longer
you shine at every side
so beautiful

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Bellissimo così

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