Say, Say we're together, don't scare me (bigo bigo ba hamim mano natarson)

Angol translation

Say, Say we're together, don't scare me

To me [speak], of short days, cold nights of winter;
Barking of wandering dogs, empty nights in the streets;
Under the broken roofs, heavy wind and the rain;
Closets full of nothing, desire of some bread;
Say, say we're together, but don't speak of your distance, don't scare me, don't scare me, don't scare me
To me [speak], of the coughing of the leaves, wounded chest of Autumn;
The lover sparrows' fear of the scarecrow in the garden;
Over staying or leaving, the bush scuffling with its flowers;
Full of broken feathers, the yellow cages of Autumn;
To me [speak], of fevered hands, dried out lips;
Running on hot sands with weary and wounded feet;
Seeing a man sitting under his own shade;
Despite all his vagrancy, hoping your return;
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bigo bigo ba hamim mano natarson

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