Bikur Moledet (ביקור מולדת) [ Bikur Moledet (ביקור מולדת - Homeland visit) ]

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Bikur Moledet (ביקור מולדת)

I've come back home after 20 years
At first sight - nothing has changed
Two horses tied to the fig tree
A cardboard on the cement with an arrow "to the wedding"
Cyclamens wrapping bouquets of dark rocks
Puddles croaking the song of the frogs
the old men sitting outside and talking
cracked tea cups, biscuits with holes
But where did the children disappear to -
the ones I used to play with?
Where are all the children, where are they all?
Who took them away from me?
chickens, cows and here and there sheep
a hyrax/bunny fleeing like a chicken* into the orchards
a wet clover carpet twinkling in a green light
a liar fox whining in a valley, not far
But where...
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* In Hebrew the word Shafan (שפן), meaning Rock Hyrax (mistakenly but commonly also meaning a rabbit), is used as a simile for a coward - like "chicken" in English.

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Bikur Moledet (ביקור מולדת - Homeland visit)

חזרתי הביתה אחרי עשרים שנה
Khazarti habaita akhrei esrim shana
במבט ראשון דבר לא השתנה
Bemabat rishon davar lo hishtana
שני סוסים קשורים לעץ התאנה
Shnei susim kshurim le'etz ha'te'ena
קרטון על הבטון עם חץ "לחתונה"
Karton al ha'beton im khetz "la'hatuna"