My father sent me to a house of conflict

Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic)

Chuir M'athair Mise Dhan Taigh Charraideach (Skye Waulking Song)

Seisd 1: Hi ri huraibhi o ho

Chuir m'athair mise dha'n taigh charraideach

Seisd 2: O hi a bho ro hu o ho

'N oidhche sin a rinn e bhanais dhomh
Gur truagh a Righ nach b'e m'fhalairidh
M'an do bhrist mo lamh an t-aran dhomh
M'an d'rinn mo sgian biadh a ghearradh dhomh

Sheathain chridhe nan sul socair
Tha do bhata nochd 's na portaibh
Och, ma tha, chaneil i sociar
O nach roch thu, ghaoil, na toiseach

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Angol translation

My father sent me to a house of conflict

Here is a rough attempt: there are a few mistakes in the Gaelic above, and I think some of these may obscure the meaning.

Chorus 1: Hi ri huraibhi o ho

My father caused me great distress (literally translated, 'he sent me to a house of conflict / sorrow)

Chorus 2: O hi a bho ro hu o ho

That night that he arranged my marriage
A pity, oh God, it wasn't my lyke-wake

NB>The exact meaning of the next two lines are unclear to me, perhaps because of a mis-spelling? I think the original meaning should be something like: 'where my hand will not break my bread', 'where my knife will not cut my food' - [Corrections welcomed!]

Hearty Seathan [should read chridheil?] of the gentle eyes
Tonight your boat is in the harbour
Och, but it's not peaceful
Oh, weren't you, love, the first and foremost. (Should be 'robh' not 'roch'.)

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