A song (Ein Lied)

Angol translation

A song

Whoever does good, he will be forgiven
Therefore be good in all the journeys
Then you 'll soon have visitors
We 'll come with the song book.
We were born for the music.
We are the servants of your ears.
Whenever you're sad,
we play for you.
If you live without sin,
give well-behaved each other the hand,
If you don't squint into the sun,
a song will be played for you
We are the servants of your ears
We were born for the music
Whenever you're sad
we play for you
Whenever you can't sleep
May you be treated to a song,
if even though the heaven cracks
a song falls softly from heaven's light.
We were born for music
We are the servants of your ears
Whenever you're sad
We play for you
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Ein Lied

Wer Gutes tut, dem wird vergeben
So seid recht gut auf allen Wegen
Dann bekommt ihr bald Besuch
Wir kommen mit dem Liederbuch
Wir sind für die Musik geboren
Wir sind die Diener eurer Ohren
Immer wenn ihr traurig seid


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