Outstanding (Extra)

  • Előadó: Tina Ivanović (Тина Ивановић (Радмила Ивановић))
  • Dal: Extra
Angol translation


I don't fall for the macho moves
For those at the head of the line
All those who want a quickie
Are eliminated first
I don't fall for 'transparent bubblegum'*
For those who pretend to be my pals
When they want to get me into bed
They all wait in line
I need someone who is
The best like me
Where I can get my way
And he can satisfy me
Outstanding, only outstanding, that's the one I look for
Handsome, no deceit nor lies with me
Outstanding, try to be my match in everything
I am a valuable story, and it has a price
Darling, darling, outstanding
I don't go with just anybody for a drink
Oh no way, not even for those muscles
All of those types stick to me
Wasting their time...
Kűldve: Lumosnight Csütörtök, 19/04/2012 - 23:48
Szerző észrevételei:

*she's talking about condoms

I also did not use the word 'extra' in the English version because it interprets wrongly (since extra in English is only additional, not amazing or exceptional)

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Ne padam na maco fazone
na one sa cela kolone
ti sto hoce sve na brzinu
prvi ginu


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