The girl and the crow (Flickan Och Kråkan)

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The girl and the crow

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I was sitting here the other day reading the paper,
It was a day like any other
And I was thinking about all the dreams you dream
That one after the other are gone
Then I saw a picture of a girl
With a wounded crow in her arms
She's running through the forest
As fast as she possibly can
And her hair flutters as she runs
She's running on her skinny legs
And she hopes and believes, she pleads and she begs
That it isn't too late
The girl is little and her hair is so fair
And her cheeks are flushed red
And the crow is heavy and croaking blackly
Pretty soon it's going to be dead
But the girl is running for the life
Of a wounded bird in her arms
She's running to safety and warmth
To that which is just and true
And she runs with glistening eyes
Running on her skinny legs
And she knows what her dad said is right
If there is life, then it's not too late
And I began to shake with anguish and distress
I shook with dread and fear
For I suddenly realised
That I was looking at a picture of myself
Because my hope is an injured crow
And I am a child who is running
Thinking that someone can help me
Thinking there is someone who has the answers
And I run with a pounding heart
I run on my skinny legs
I plead and I beg, even though I know
That's it's already much too late.
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Flickan Och Kråkan

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Excellent translation! Thank you!