Incorrect language in translation request


While creating new English song translation request I have choosed two languages: Polish and Russian, request was created without errors.

Still, on the song page only one translation request is listed: English -> Polish:

But when opening this request, I see only English -> Russian request:

Is it allowed to choose several languages for translation request at once? Can you help me with this song issue? Thanks!

MayGoLoco     március 24th, 2012

You're welcome Wink

MayGoLoco     március 24th, 2012

I see you've selected Polish and Russian in that request.
I wouldn't recommend doing that, because you'll only get one translation that way.
Also when someone sees there's a Polish request open, they might want to translate it for you in Polish, but after they've submitted the translation the language might not be set in Polish but in Russian, so that would kind of be incorrect.

I've already mentioned this to the admins before and they've put this on their to do list, so I hope that in the future only one language can be selected per request.

max_gontar     március 24th, 2012

In the meantime I had to Edit incorrect translation request so there is only one language there for now. Seems like the only solution for "multilanguage request" issue Smile
Anyway, thank you, MayGoLoco.

MayGoLoco     március 23rd, 2012

Hi Max, it's possible to select a few languages, but one translation will only solve one language request.
So it's better to only select one language per translation request if you want the song to be translated into more than one language.

max_gontar     március 24th, 2012

Hi MayGoLoco, thanks for reply! I just thought that selecting several languages would create several translation requests so it would be consistent. Otherwise it may be better to allow only one language select per request.

But what about this song, where one language request is listed but other language request is opening?