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Csatlakozott: 17/08/2012
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Hi, I'm Cherr from Boston USA. My main interest here is in learning lyrics to the samba songs I love: These are mainly in Brazilian Portugese and I speak English. I am trying to learn more and more Brazilian Portugese tho.
I heard a song this morning by Robeto Carlos on that was listed as Ni a...I can't find it anywhwere on the web so this is where I start. Thank-you for offeringn thiiss ervice to us all!

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brightswan képe
Csatlakozott: 23/06/2011
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Welcome to LT Cher! I hope you have a pleasant stay!


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SilentRebel83 képe
Csatlakozott: 22/04/2011
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Welcome welcome!

dowlenon1 képe
Csatlakozott: 25/01/2012
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Welcome Smile

I am from Brazil, and I would be happy if I could help you in any way, if you need some help with translations just request and I'll do my best.

By the way, Roberto Carlos' songs are so beautiful, he is a very known artist around here.

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Knee427 képe
Csatlakozott: 05/04/2012
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Welcome to LT!!! Have a good time!!

I'm also from Brazil, if you need any help, feel free to ask! Smile