Translation of Brazilian Portuguese lyrics to English

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Csatlakozott: 05.04.2012

Hi, I'm an Australian singer/guitarist who sings Brazilian tunes. You can check out my website at I'd like to make contact with people who translate Brazilian songs from Portuguese into singable English. Cheers, Anna Salleh.

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Csatlakozott: 29.01.2012

Cheers from NZ!

Csatlakozott: 07.04.2012

Hi Anna,
I'm Brazilian, but I live in Germany and I speak English very well. I've been writing some poems/songs in English and I think I might be able to translate some songs into singable English - well, I could give it a try. Best, Cristina. ars.brasilis (at)

Csatlakozott: 30.04.2013

portuguese is not my native language but i can do my best helping you translate (i also speak spanish, english is my native...)