Merry Christmas (Frohe Weihnachten)

Angol translation

Merry Christmas

Sido: Well, I don't know how to tell you
But there's this guy who published a song on the internet
In which he disses you
Sido's Mum: But how? Doesn't it mean that he talk badly about me
Sido: Yes ... he says that I have a junky mother
That you are a junky mother, that's what he says
Sido's Mum: That can't be true ... now tell me, he's a stranger who doesn't even know me
Sido: Well, I do not know it either ... I mean, he has seen you a couple of times but you can't say that he really knows you
Sido's Mum: Now tell me what would his mother say about it
If she knew what he says about other people's mothers
Sido: Yes ... I have no idea, guess she wouldn't be so pleased
Sido's Mum: Yes, I believe I will call his mother
Sido: Well ... no ... you don't need to do this, I'll simply publish a song, I'll take care of it through the Hip Hop, you know, I'll simply do it as well, I'll save our honor, no problem
Sido's Mum: My boy ... do it and have the last laugh, they can't simply do this to us
Part 1(Sido):
Sido: What have thought when doing this, Bushido?
You really mean it
Now we just need to find out who will die first
It's a question of honor to leave out one's mother
I at least respect yours, she's tolerated you for a long time
What you do think? Who are you actually?
You are a joke figure
With a jerk's haircut
You are a born dog
You need to be put on a leash
If you've already forgotten everything, I'll tell you what I mean
When I first saw you, you were Orgis' dog
You always obeyed him dutifully in your corner
Yes you seemed to me like a dog
You were no reefer
You were just the guy with the eight-track
You've recorded us and said nothing until 8 in the morning
Then you've also rapped
Everyone laughed about you
But I took your tape
And published it with Halil
So you got your Aggro deal
I acted as if you were my partner
But I tell you the truth
I was something like your father
OK, OK, wait, wait
I won't get excited, won't get excited
Ok, let's get on
Part 2(Sido):
And then you met King Ali
You hang out on the streets
At Schöneberg with the gangsters
So you could act like a hard guy
But you were just a dog
They've never respected you
You've completely renovated Ali's flat for free
And served his good
And kissed his feet
Even if you deny it
You meant nothing to them
You got hit by them
And they took the money you earned
Mug him, take everything he has
I know no mercy
Your new master gives others a fright
Now you think that you suddenly could be a man too
But not on my cost
If you can't help it, send them to me
Even if I get killed in the process
I say it again, you victim, not on my cost
Do you understand?
Even if you're cross now
And send people to me
Because you won't on your own anyways
I have to do this
Because it went too far
Nobody f*cks with my family
Who are you actually, man?
Part 3 (Sido):
Look at you
I believe your fans have to be deaf and blind
Why would they otherwise fall for such a retarded child
You look like a monster
Who do you want to impress?
Your face is like the sun
You can't look at it for too long
Even with your new white teeth you cannot deceive us
Look how they sparkle
Tell me, could they even glow in the dark
You are a pushover
At the next suicid attempt
Hang yourself in the forest
Nobody will disturb you there
Nobody will help you down
Pull it through and be gone
What, it's dangerous?
You are only a child molester, idiot and not more than that
Half of Schönerberg hatest you, honestly
But nobody hates you more than I do
I wait here and polish the gun
Until this thing is through
You thought that was everything, right?
No, man, here's one more who has something to say to you
Merry Christmas, you *sshole
Part 4 (Alpa Gun):
Lan, lan Bushdio , I would not have thought that you dare do this. But no matter, now you have to take the consequences, man
I've only waited for this, now nobody can hold me back anymore
I've already told you before, you mess with the wrong people
Sl*t, instead of dissing me, you should rather eat or did you forget the
Blow you got on the Tower?
Go, hid behind your Veysel and Arafat
I come like Levo and give you a right Upacut
All these names have nothing to do with this rap game
What do they want to do against Achmed and Delmi-El Sain?
Get your dogs out of the sack, lets see if they bite
You never were a 2Pac, one may only sh*t on you
I'm sorry, I could never like you and your crew
But if I buy myself a poodle I'll call it Bushido
You are getting on my nerves with your sayings
But you have to pay for talking big
I believe in myself and I could never need such friends
Admit it, a lot of things went wrong for you too
You may all come, I don't have much to say to you
Before my second record is out I'll beat Bushido
You know where I live, so come and f*ck me to death, canim
Bushido, I will push the Walther into your *ss
Everyone knows you are the rapper who was never any good
Not even your father wanted you, you d*mn bastard
And today you are the gay rapper in tights
Tomorrow we'll surely see you showing off in shorts
Raging about, making out, d*mn what a dog
In the underground I am the king, Alpha Gun is your doom
At the subway station Cottbuser-Tor you've surely f*cked with Kay
That's where you fit in best with your AIDS-face
I have heard the Thai sl*t and could not believe it
He acts like an Arab with his narrow eyes
When I catch him I won't let him go anymore
I will abuse him, while smoking my ****
You are just a couple of losers, from D-Bo to Chakuza
I mean all of you
Do you hear me, I don't give a d*mn about you and your f*cked up rappers
Lets meet alone, but you were always that gutless
Tears don't lie canim, how low can it go for you
You victim, you've never managed to be a real man
Don't be smug about it and don't think that Aggro is afraid
We all just sh*t on you, you arrogant h*g
You were only sacrificed, everyone laughed about you
Back then Maxim and King Ali took care of you
You are so uninteresting and hardly worth mentioning
You were a lousy small dog here in Schöneberg
I am a guter Junger too, but I don't belong to you
Apart from us there are unfortunately only left in the scene
It's me, I deal with Ot and your head
I'll take care of the situation so that you are destroyed like Optik
Shut up now you s*cker, see it goes Ding-Dong
Do you hear how the ghetto sounds, like th right of King Kong
Left, right, left, like it goes at Ping Pong
Stand at attention and salute because the king comes now
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Frohe Weihnachten

Sido : Ja ich weiß jetzt nicht wie ich dir des sagen soll
aber da ist so'n Typ der hat im Internet e'n song veröffentlicht
auf dem er dich disst
Sido's Mama : Wie dissen ?? das heißt doch er redet schlecht über mich
Sido : Ja.. also er sagt ich hab ne junky-mutter
also das du ne junky-mutter bist sagt er
Sido's Mama : des gibts doch nicht.. sag a mal das ist doch ein wildfremder mensch der kennt mich doch überhaupt nicht
Sido : Weiß ich auch nicht .. also ich mein der hat dich hier und da schon mal gesehen aber so richtig kennen tut er dich jetzt wirklich nicht