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Days go by
Without any sensation (literal: without being there)
Everything has been so good
Everything, you and me
We’ve done nothing wrong
Thought the whole time (that)
It could go on like this
We would see about everything else later
Go, leave us behind you and me
Don’t try to understand
Why it does not work anymore
Go, try to lose the two of us
It will only go on for us
When we don’t see each other anymore

Do it for you and me
I couldn’t do it
I would not have the courage

Your traces lead to me
So far away from you

I break the light
The shawods fall upon me
I can’t see us
All shadows fall upon me
Upon me
Shadows fall upon me


Kűldve: Steena Csütörtök, 09/10/2008 - 21:00
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