Heartache (Gönül Dağı)

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When heartache turnes into storm
It becomes a flood and sweeps me away secretly.
When lovers meet in solitude
Words wound my heart, oh dear...
Words, secretly, words, secretly
Words wound my heart, oh dear...
Words, secretly, words, secretly.
You can't go unless a friendly hand waves for you to come.
You can't take a rose from a garden without its consent.
There a path between two hearts that is unseen.
It leads from one heart to another, oh dear, oh dear...
The path, secretly, the path, secretly
It wounds my heart oh dear oh dear
The path, secretly, the path secretly.
When the nightingale sings at the dawn with sorrow
When your eyelashes hurt me like an arrow
When everyone is asleep in their beds
Letting no one see, oh dear
Come to me secretly
Letting no peasants see, oh dear
Come to me secretly
Before roosters crow, oh dear
Come to me secretly.
Kűldve: inciska Szombat, 19/05/2012 - 15:37
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Hi! This is an old folk song and folk songs are always difficult to comprehend and translate because of the unclarity in words and message. I tried my best to make a sense of the song for translation.

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Gönül Dağı

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