Mistake (Greska)

Angol translation


You, only you, only you
No other woman
But you, you're playing the fool
Now you're kissing my best friend
But that's not all
You're heart is made of stone
You were my first mistake
And a severe wound
Because of my foolish mind
The biggest sin parts you from me
For all our lifes
Your hearts judge you
It hasn't killed me
It only made me stronger
You, you betrayed me and lost me
You shouldn't have
Now you're going to her
Well, I loved you like a brother
It hasn't killed me
It only made me stronger
Kűldve: MayGoLoco Péntek, 19/11/2010 - 23:45
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Ti, samo ti, samo ti
nijedna druga
A ti, pravis se luda
sada ljubis mog najboljeg druga
A to nije to
srce ti je kameno


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