How to add a new translation

It's great that you've decided to contribute to LyricsTranslate! Please register first, and you'll see more options.

If you'd like to help somebody with a translation, search for translation requests, and follow instructions there.

If you want to add a new translation:

First, use artist search to find a page related to a singer / band who sings the song you'd like to translate.

Can you see the artist you look for?
    If yes, then you should
    a) find song name on the artist's page,
    b) follow the link - you'll see an 'Add new translation' button on a song's page.

    If there's no such song in a list, use an 'Add new translation' button which is on artist's main page. In this case you'll be asked to add original lyrics text along with its translation.

Can't you see the artist you look for?
    If there's no such artist in our database, you should
    a) use a top page menu:
    Menu ->Translations -> "Add new translation" button.
    b) there fill in artist's name and additional information about this artist (if you know any - it'll be useful for others), lyrics text and your translation. After that, an artist's page with lyrics and translation will be created automatically.

If you're going to add a translation performed by someone else, please make sure that the author doesn't mind about reprinting. Best practice is to put a link to a translation source and several first lines of a translation text, instead of copying a translation text in full. Please understand that your submission will be deleted in case of author's complain.