Two wedding rings


iki Alyans

Bir ruzgar gibi gecti ellerinde gencligim
Bir omrum daha olsayd? ah ugruna vermezmiydim

Eski bir yaland? o ask denilen masald?
Hic c?km?yor akl?mdan
Haziran aksamlar?
Dilimizde kald? simdi bir ayr?l?k sark?s?

Bilmezler nas?l sevdik ask?m, bilmezler nas?l yand?k
Hani durmaz doner dedin ya biz deli sevdal?yd?k
Hani y?ld?zlar sahitti, neden gormezler art?k
Kaderle bagl? iki alyans; Bilmezler biz ayr?ld?k

Try to align

Two wedding rings

my youth passed on your hands like wind
if i had one more lifetime oh wouldnt i give it for your sake

it was a old lie, that who were called love was a story
it doesnt ever go out of my mind
June nights
now a seperation song stayed at our thongues

they dont know how we loved (each other) my love, they dont know how we burnt
as you said it wont stop i'll keep turning we were crazy lovers
you said the stars were witness, why doesnt they see anymore
two wedding rings that is tied to griefs, they cant know we broke up

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