Jaymes Young - Moondust



I'm building this house on the moon
Like a lost astronaut looking at you
Like a star from the place the world forgot
And there's nothing that I can do
Except bury my love for you
The brightness of the sun
Will give me just enough
To bury my love in the moondust
I long to hear your voice
But still I make the choice
To bury my love in the moondust
Nothing can breathe in this space
Colder than the darkest sea
I have dreams about the days
Driving thru your sunset breeze
But the first thing that I will do
Is bury my love for you
I'm a castaway
And men reap what they sow
And I'll say what I know to be true
Yeah, I'm living far away
On the face of the moon
I buried my love
To give the world to you
I buried my love in the moondust.
Kűldve: SilentRebel83 Péntek, 11/10/2013 - 01:10
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lyrics transcribed from the video.