My Only One (Jedino Moje)

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My Only One

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There isn't a day that I don't think about us
That I don't wish that you were beside me
Wherever life takes me
I fall asleep in your hair
I wake up on your lips
My only one, dream that I'm here
I'll kiss you, kiss you in your in dreams
I'll caress your hands
Be good my dear
Be good, think of me
I'm not even one night in solitude
Your gentle look follows me everywhere
My night passes, the morning has gotten light
With you I live better days
Wherever you are, you are always mine
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Jedino Moje

Nema dana da ne mislim o nama
da ne zelim da si kraj mene
gde god da me zivot nosi
ja zaspim u tvojoj kosi
budim se na tvojim usnama
Jedino moje sanjaj da sam tu


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