Close My Curtains (Kapat Perdelerimi)

Angol translation

Close My Curtains

I was a kid who can't see the (seven) colors , I grew up
I'm wrapped up in a life that without a body like a shadow

I'm served in a land that doesn't see any human
I was a "yesterday", a "today" which never knows the "tomorrow"

close my curtains
don't let the sun in anymore
don't let anyone know me

close my curtains
don't let your heart love me
don't let my troubles smear on you

you want all this huge crow to hush,
all of the streets to be empty, your phone not to ring

you don't want anybody to miss you, to come to you
because you don't need a new memory

life was wonderful
I've felt sory with no reason
in every birthday of mine
why have I lessened a year more?

Kűldve: maia Szerda, 08/09/2010 - 15:19

Kapat Perdelerimi

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Busay14 év 8 hét
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partizanka     szeptember 8th, 2010

Beautiful translation. Thanks a lot!

maia     szeptember 8th, 2010

you're welcome Smile

Emre Murat Bozer     szeptember 9th, 2010

good translation... congrulations... tebrikler..