No Love (Keine Liebe)

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No Love

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My heart beats lonesomely
Doesn't start anymore
God knows how much longer...
I can bear myself for
You want to reach the sky
We've flown too high
You want to walk through fire
For us, you told yourself a lie
Look in my heart
You're deceiving it
But be warned
For us there is...
No love without sorrow
Nothing lasts for eternity
No love will show you mercy
There is no love without sorrow
Without sorrow
No love will show you mercy
Our love won't last forever
Your image vanishes
Crumbles to dust
God knows how long ago
Even I stopped believing in us
It makes us weak
Yet it keeps us alive
What would love be without sorrow?
For there is no love without sorrow
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Keine Liebe

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azucarinho     december 26th, 2013

"springt nicht mehr an." anspringen = get going, start (beating)

"Gott weiß, wie lang ich selbst schon
nicht mehr an uns glaub."

God knows for how long I myself stopped believing in us . . .

sapien     január 26th, 2014

Thanks, changed it.