He Left Me



khalani rah aani we nesani
wa la adri gololi wesh asawi
aala ghafla sert ahebeh wa abi gorbeh wibi gorbi
golouli wesh asawi
aatiteh gelbi kolo wa khaliteh kel omri
gololi wesh asawi
meen yektem seri
ana ahebeh we howa yehebni la had yadri gololi wesh asawi
dalou3a yedalaani wana atdalaa ala hobi
golouli wesh asawi
been el nas wana amshi wala adri daa gadri
gololi wesh asawi

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He Left Me

He left me, went away from me and forgot me
And I don't know, tell me what to do
Without noticing I began to love him and want to be near him and have him near me
Tell me what to do
Who will keep my secret
I love him and he loves me, no one knows, tell me what to do
I'm his babe, he spoils me and I flirt with my love
Tell me what to do
I'm walking among people and I don't know, my worth is lost
Tell me what to do

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