If you aren't here [ Koli tebe nema (Коли тебе нема) ]

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If you aren't here

The city is asleep, my head ashes
And empty years fly away
How long will you come here?
The world is so small
I don't know because I can't see
Can't hear cars
Night scares me, it does it, it does
If you aren't here
If you aren't here
You water already got cold
And forgotten flowers lay.
In last time I'll watch a movie
Made for people without dreams
The city is asleep, my head ashes
And I don't know what's place to bring
Your photo, my coat, fill your grass on your own
If you aren't here
If you aren't here
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Koli tebe nema (Коли тебе нема)

Мiсто спить, голова болить
I летять пустi години
Скiльки можно йти сюди?
Свiт такий малий
Я не знаю, бо я не бачу
И я не чую ни машини
Нiч лякая, вона тiкая, вона сама,


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Kashtanka1965     április 28th, 2016

For the last time I'll watch the movie. My head aches. How long it will take to come here? And I don't know what to do with your photo... Fill your glass...
Night scares, she runs away, she is alone.