Just For Me (Kun For Mig)

Angol translation

Just For Me

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The club fills my veins
And hides away all wounds
You wouldn't see weak tears here
I'm alright

The permilles (of alcohol) are sailing around
There's nothing that hurts here
There's put lid on everything healthy here
I'm alright

Only the tones fill my world
I only hear music in my frozen heart
There's nothing that can touch me here
There's no man who can fool me here

Cause I've got nothing left for love
And I'm so done with your fake sincerity
It's over now I'm gonna have fun
I said I feel so much better without you

So now the music is (playing) just for me just for me

I don't care what others say
I already know that thing with the other girls
Now it doesn't mean a damn thing anymore
I'm alright

But when the darkness falls I am
In the club again to forget you
It's unbelievable what you did to me
You did a good job

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