The same things (Las mismas cosas)


Las mismas cosas

Voy recorriendo historias y momentos de un amor
Desaparezco horas con segundos
Pero hoy es día 6 y no sirve de nada
El día pasa y no sirve de nada
Amanece otra historia
Va empezando un escalón
Viene sufriendo tiempo atrás
De un día como hoy
La vida va golpeándonos la espalda
Traemos la cruz cargándola en el alma
Pero aquí no estoy
Imaginándome las mismas cosas
Que me destruyen
Escuché una voz
Iba gritándome las mismas cosas
Que yo siempre supe
Escuché una voz...
La vida va golpeándonos la espalda
Mi vida se hunde en lágrimas de nada
Kűldve: xxbreakable Hétfő, 02/01/2012 - 17:59
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Angol translation

The same things

I'm going through stories and moments of a love
I can cause hours to disappear in seconds
But today is the 6th day and it's useless
The day passes and it's useless
It's the dawn of another story
A new phase is beginning
It's been suffering since long ago
On a day like today
Life goes on while hitting our backs
We go around, carrying the cross within our souls[1]
But I'm not here
Imagining the same things
That always destroy me
I heard a voice
It was shouting at me the same things
That I have known all along
I heard a voice...
Life goes on while hitting our backs
My life is sinking into tears of nothingness
Kűldve: citruswind Hétfő, 02/01/2012 - 23:12
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Szerző észrevételei:

[1]In that line, "Cross" refers to a burden or affliction.

A few lines seemed a bit ambiguous because I could interpret them them in more than one way, in other words, my way of phrasing them may be wrong but I hope this helps others to understand the song even if only a little.

Corrections and suggestions are welcomed.

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Thank you so much! Regular smile It really helps...