Let's run (Lass uns laufen)

Angol translation

Let's run

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The Rain is loud
Out there and inside here
its gray
Dark brick walls have blocked my escape (point)*
The lights go out
I close all doors
The room (is) full of visions of you
My heartbeat makes/ (lets) the floor vibrate
I have nothing more to lose
lets run
when the darkness comes
Somewhere our future has begun
behind the horizon
lets run
till the night is clear
and till the last rain
of the world
disperses above us
I go to the rails
i let myself be pulled by the clouds
and count each step
without (any) sense
from any place
I dont know whats coming
i dont know wat was (used to be)
i know only
you are no longer there
The wind wakes me up
I realize that i'm running
How low is too low
how far is too far
where is the beginning
and the end of the time
give me a point (reason)
please take me there
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The first line in german is 'Der regen ist laut' not 'grau' therefore i'll translate according to the correct lyrics.
*fluchtpunkt means vanishing/escape POINT but thats not necessay to add in english

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Lass uns laufen

Der Regen ist laut
Da draussen und hier drinnen
Ist es grau
Dunkle Mauern haben meinen Fluchtpunkt verbaut
Die Lichter gehen aus
Ich schließ alle Türen
Die Zimmer voll Visionen von dir
Mein Herzschlag lässt den Boden vibrieren