The flat land (Le Plat Pays)

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The flat land

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With the northern sea for last remote land
And waves of dunes to stop the waves
And remote rocks that the tydes go over
And that have for ever a low tyde heart
With an infinity of fog to come
With an eastern wind listend to it hold
The flat land that is mine
With cathedrals for sole mountains
And black bells as Maypole
Where the stone devils take the clouds off
With the passing of days for sole voyage
And rain roads for sole goodnight
With a western wind listend to it want
The flat land that is mine
With such a low sky that a canal got lost
With a sky so low that he does humility
With such a gray sky that a canal hung itself
With such a gray we have to pardon it
With a northern wind that comes to tear itself apart
With the northern wind listend to it crackle
The flat land wich is mine
With Italy that came down Sheldt
With the blonde Frida when she becomes Margot
When the sons of November come back to us in May
When the plain is smoking and trembles under July
When the wind is in laughter when the wind is in wheat
When the wind is in the south listend to it sing
The flat land that is mine.
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Le Plat Pays

Avec la mer du Nord pour dernier terrain vague
Et des vagues de dunes pour arrêter les vagues
Et de vagues rochers que les marées dépassent
Et qui ont à jamais le coeur à marée basse
Avec infiniment de brumes à venir
Avec le vent de l'est écoutez-le tenir
Le plat pays qui est le mien


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