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prettykitty     május 29th, 2010

why by clicking on one of these links there's always displaying:
"Access Denied You are not authorized to access this page."


Steena     május 29th, 2010

Hello prettykitty, that is due to a recent bug on LT. It has already been noticed by the staff and will be fixed in a short while. Smile

prettykitty     május 29th, 2010

ah okay, thank you very mutch, i just thought i m not able to do that on the right way. haha. well i guess, the other problem is also a bug: when i try to add a translation it ends showing always in the WRONG song i did not select to translate... i made at least the 5th try to put it in the right songtranslation, but no way as far. will this be fixed very soon too?

Steena     május 29th, 2010

Yes that's a new bug too. I've heard of at least one person today who experiences the same thing. Please report those songs so that they can be put into the right order.

Bitolcanetz     május 30th, 2010

Yea, I'm getting the bug too.

mia246     szeptember 22nd, 2013

hello ! I learn Serbian language and I want ask some question about song Od mene se odvikavaj ... is there somebody who can answer me ? Glasses

MayGoLoco     szeptember 22nd, 2013

Hi Mia, why don't you ask the question on the song's page Wink

mia246     szeptember 22nd, 2013

´cause I dont have idea how I should do it Laughing out loud :D

Sciera     szeptember 22nd, 2013

By going to the song's page and add your comment there like you did here?

Btw, you might get more attention when you ask in the forum.

mia246     szeptember 22nd, 2013

okay, thanks ... I apologize