Mineirinha Seethed (Mineirinha Ferveu)

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Mineirinha Seethed

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Clutch my hip
And clasp it fearlessly
Today I want to show you
What I keep secretly
Come along asking for everything
I give you this freedom
The woman you desire
Is dying in longing
I'm just like spoon brigadeiro
Just as beautiful and scented as the flower
I'm a coquettish brunette, a bucolic girl
From the countryside
With sunburnt hair
I want a cuddle, your warmth
I made this prank shaking the huckles
And talking about love
Hot soil yearning
Falling rain, that's me
River wetting the beauty
Of the closed jungle, that's me
Curious to have a little bit
Of all that that could be mine
Of girl-woman
Whatever you want
Mineirinha seethed
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Mineirinha Ferveu

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