What Are You Doing To Me? (Mis küll minuga teed)

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What Are You Doing To Me?

Why do you look my way again?
Why do you try to fulfill my desire?
I still don't know if I can believe you
I still don't know if you'll leave again
Why do you want me to know everything?
Do I really believe that you care?
I only hope that you'll stay near me
So I can throw my doubts to the wind
You rob me of peace, as a sleepless night passes by
Because of you, dear, I no longer drink or eat
What has happened to me?
A mixed up sky, mixed up land
Dear, maybe you can answer
What are you doing to me?
What are you doing to me?
What are you doing to me?
Every day you send me flowers
You look me in the face and smile
Yet why don't I hear beautiful words from you?
My lips long for your kiss
So what should I think?
Tell me the truth, so I'll know for sure
Do you really belong to me, or am I just a fling* to you?
Going around the streets alone
Longing for your hot kisses
It's hard to wait for you
The time will come when my wish will come true
Yet I don't know if you're made for me
Or maybe this feeling will disappear
Yet I know that I want take a risk
Nothing can stop us
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Szerző észrevételei:

*seiklus = "adventure", but that doesn't sound quite right in English.

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