You are our eyes (Neeye Emathu Vazhi)

Angol translation

You are our eyes

You are our eyes
You are our light
You are our life Jesus..
Routes on all the four directions
The times when it meets
What's good, what's bad
The unknown powder drawing
You are our way
The meaning of law's road
Your foot prints
Our life's clarity
If I walk in those foot prints
The fruit of success
.... You are our eyes
Trouble, bad happenings
The period of darkness reign
Falling after stumbling
Like that type of situation
You are our light
The flame of law's road
For us to put the truth
For getting rid of falsehood
The lord of truth, please give us your grace
.... You are our eyes
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Neeye Emathu Vazhi

Neeye emathu vazhi
Neeye emathu oli
Neeye emathu vaazhvu Yesayya..2
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